Nice and Wet Riley Reid 2

He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her knuckles. “I like a woman scratching my back and digging her claws in my ass.”

“Yeah?” She said weakly. His tongue flicked out, and he licked her index finger and then he sucked it gently into his mouth. Riley Reid wanted to whimper as her nipples tightened until she knew he’d be able to see them through the silk of her top.

The arrival of the frosted beer bottles made her jump, and he released her hands. She took a hasty swallow and then watched him drink the whole bottle, the regular motion of his tanned throat just adding to her anticipation. He put the empty down and slowly wiped a hand over his mouth.

He gestured at her unfinished beer. “Do you want a glass for that?”

“No, I’m fine with the bottle.”

A smile kicked up the corner of his beautiful mouth. “Always a nice sight for a man, seeing a woman’s lips locked around the neck of a bottle.”

Riley Reid met his gaze. “And good practice too.”

“Yeah,” he glanced over at the packed dance floor, where the music had changed to something slower and sultrier. “Would you like to dance?”

“With you?” Riley Reid couldn’t keep the surprise out of her voice.

“Yeah, I can dance.”

She felt herself blushing as he held out his hand and helped her off her stool. He stayed close so that her whole body came into contact with his, and he steadied her with his hands at her hips.

The lights were lower now, and he guided her toward the shadows, one hand riding her waist. Riley Reid reached up and locked her hands around the back of his neck and breathed in the scent of leather and Calvin Klein aftershave. They moved together to the music, her breasts crushed against his checked shirt, her stomach pressed to the hard ridge of his jean-encased erection.

He slid his hands beneath the hem of her skirt and stroked the underside of her ass.

“You wearing those red panties for me?”


“Good.” He bit down on her ear and she whimpered. “They won’t get in my way then.”

His callused thumb moved higher, tracing the lace between her ass cheeks, and Riley Reid closed her eyes as her knees threatened to give way. He could still do it to her. One touch and she was like warm flowing honey in his hands. The music changed to another slow song, and he bent his head and took possession of her mouth, his tongue thrusting deep as he penetrated her sex with one long finger.

She gasped into his mouth but couldn’t escape him, her body way too eager to accept his penetration in any way she could get it. When he finally lifted his head she could only stare up at him in mute appeal. He took her hand and started toward the restrooms.

“Come on.”

He didn’t stop until they’d exited the back door of the bar and veered to the left. Riley Reid found herself in a small yard filled with barrels and crates of empty bottles. He backed her up against the nearest wall, his gaze hungry and determined, his hands all over her.

“I can’t wait. I want to fuck you right now.”

Riley Reid moaned as he rucked up her skirt to her waist, cupped her ass, and lifted her against the thick wedge of his cock. The denim felt harsh against her swollen wet folds, but she didn’t care as he ground himself against her.

“You want this? You want my cock?”

Riley Reid nodded.

“Then take it out so I can fuck you right here against the wall.”

Riley Reid scrabbled with his metal belt buckle and straining zipper until she revealed his thick shaft. Before she could do more than moan her appreciation, he lifted her and impaled her on his thick heated length. She screamed into his mouth at the sudden penetration, holding tight to his shoulders as he worked himself up inside her in short, sharp, unforgiving strokes.

“Take it, honey. Take my cock in your cunt, make me come.”

Riley Reid concentrated on the thrust and withdrawal of his shaft and the ragged sensations he aroused in her. She anchored her feet on his pumping hips and simply enjoyed the wildness. Had she ever had sex like this before?

Probably not since she’d gotten married and certainly not since she’d had kids. She felt his buttocks tighten beneath her heels, and his stroke became shorter and faster as if he was trying to jackhammer his way up inside her.

He managed to shove his hand between them and zeroed in on her clit, thumbing it in hard circles until she started to come around his big cock in an ever-tightening frenzy of need. He groaned into her mouth and climaxed, his cum hot against her clenching, greedy, demanding pussy.

When Riley Reid opened her eyes, he was still holding her, her legs wrapped around his hips and his cock just inside her.

“We’re not done.”

Riley Reid gasped as he started walking toward the parking lot.

“You can put me down!”

“Why?” he kept walking and she felt his cock start to grow again. “I like you exactly where you are.”

“But what if someone sees us?”

“I’d like that.” He steadied her with one strong arm wrapped around her hips and unlocked the truck. “I’d like them to see me fucking you.”

In one fluid motion he opened the passenger door and sat her on the edge of the seat still facing him, his cock growing and pulsing inside her. He was tall enough that he didn’t need to join her in the cab, he just widened his stance, grabbed hold of her ass, and started pounding into her again.

“Nice and wet, just how I like you.”